How Hair Loss Concealer Reviews Help You

How Hair Loss Concealer Reviews Help You

Hair loss affects 35 million men in the US, so it’s no surprise that a virtual cottage industry has sprouted to treat it. If you go online, you’ll find literally thousands of products that say they’re going to conceal your bald spots, and they’ll say that it’s going to look as real as your real hair. But how can you tell if it’s going to work or not, short of buying everything you see? The answer of course, is by reading hair loss concealer reviews.

Why are Reviews Important?


A study shows that people trust online reviews the same way they believe in personal recommendations, and why not, since web based reviews more often than not, are reliable and give you an idea of the public’s general consensus concerning a product, and that includes hair loss products.

If you’re looking for the best bald spot concealer, how do you go about establishing that? You do it by reading customer reviews and ratings because this will determine if the product lives up to the hype. If you go to the website of a hair concealing product,  expect all the good features to be highlighted and that’s only natural, but to get a fuller picture you ought to check the feedback.

Have you noticed that the most popular hair loss products post reviews, testimonials and even before and after photos on their site? It’s to establish credibility, because they know it’s what customers and potential buyers are looking for. If you’re going to buy a hair spray to cover bald spot, it’s natural to want to look for evidence that it works, and that is what reviews and testimonials will provide.

What Should I Look for in Reviews?

While reviews can be helpful, there are also fake reviews written by people who were paid to say positive things about the product. Fortunately they’re very easy to spot since they’re usually poorly written, focus on only the positives and are clearly recommending the product.

If you’re going to use reviews to help you find a hair loss concealing product, look for reviews from people who actually bought and tried it. They’re easy enough to spot since they’ll be talking about their experience with the product instead of just saying that it’s good. Second, the review will point out the positive and negative aspects of the product. For instance, a review that lists down Provillus side effects is more believable than those that those which looks like a press release.

Now that you know how to distinguish between legitimate and fake reviews, you can focus on the essential elements of the review that will help you make an informed decision.

Here are some of the things you need to check:

  • Does the concealer work under different circumstances?
  • What does the reviewer say about application? Is it easy or hard?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Is his / her opinion shared by others? This is how you form a consensus about a product.

What Type of Hair Concealers Should I Use?

Searching for the best hair concealer products can be daunting given the number of variants available, as scientific advancements have led to the development of various products. Yes, hair transplant is still an option, but it’s too expensive for most and there’s no reason to pay for it if there are cheaper options.

Hair Concealers

When it comes to reviews, the main criteria are efficiency and affordability, and of course the naturalness of the whole thing so that no one will notice you’re using one. Not only are these concealers sold in different colors, but they’re also available in various types.

Some reminders:

  • Powder solids / sprinkles: these are made up of tiny fibers that build hair, and they work like small magnets that attach tightly to your existing hair. Because they use static electricity to bond, it’s very durable. Usually they’re in powder form and are sprayed on the bald areas, providing your hair with a smooth and natural look.
  • Compared to sprays, powders are easier to apply and it usually just takes a couple of applications until you get the hang of it. Aside from being easy to apply, these concealers are just as simple to remove via shampoo. Some of these powders are natural while others are synthetic, and you can use reviews to find out which is better.
  • Synthetic powders may use wool and other fibers, but if you’ve got a sensitive scalp this could lead to irritation. Again this is where reviews can be of assistance as you’ll know if it causes irritation. Based on customer feedback, the best ones are those made from natural plants.
  • Sprays: some concealers come in spray form and can be very effective in concealing bald spots on your head. Different types of sprays are available, but they usually contain dyes and chemicals that simulate natural hair. Since they come in various styles, you should read reviews to figure out which ones would look best for you.

When reading product reviews or watching video reviews, take note of any similar themes, complaints or remarks made by different reviewers, as it will tell you what the concealer can and cannot do. Video reviews can be especially handy since sprays can look awkward when applied in a haphazard manner.


While hair concealers do work, their potency can be limited, and in most cases work best as a preventive measure. For more significant results, you may want to look at Procerin for men, which is guaranteed to regrow your hair in just a few short weeks. Tested by doctors and approved by experts in the field, Procerin inhibits DHT, promotes faster hair growth and ensures your scalp is in good condition.

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